We operate in the red

The project Freedom World Press is non-profit at all and we prefer to watch what we are doing and not what we are consuming.

What are our costs and why do people send gifts?
We pay for our servers, programmers responsible for FWP portals, editors, and other administrative people.

We are completely dependent on donations from people who support our idea and wish to be published freely. No one wants to read the text dictated by the government of the state, and people want to hear the truth about what’s happening in the world.

If you are behind our thoughts, support us! The more money means a better news, what we will bring to you.

“Every big media talks about how their press is free and they are not influenced by governments or secret services, and then the information comes to the surface and finds that they have been on the CIA payroll (or other Secret Service) for years.”

No one will ever control us in what we publish and we never let anyone!

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